The Precise Prediction way

We know that every brief is different, so we have developed a modular approach to working that can be scaled up and pared down according to our clients’ needs.


Our team have experience of multiple sectors and have taken on every conceivable challenge when it comes to helping businesses become data-driven organisations and to maximise the insights they can glean from their data.

Whether you’re in the early, exploratory stages of a digital transformation, require more insight from your data, or aren’t sure where to start, we can help.

Whatever you need, we can pull together a team of expert data scientists, change management professionals, experienced analysts and sector specialists to take on any brief.

Examples of what our consultants can help with:

Strategic planning – to achieve your organisational goals, be they focused on growth, risk management or efficiency improvements

Customer targeting – the techniques and tools you can use to identify valuable customers and potential risks

Process planning and improvements – we have implemented many procedural efficiencies for our clients, and understand well the challenges faced by organisations be they technical or cultural.

Data management – identifying your data sources, and how you process, store and interpret data is hard. It’s time-consuming. But, it’s what we are all about.

Data-driven decision-making

Through the suite of market-leading software available to us as a member of the TIBCO Partner Program, combined with our custom-made algorithms and machine learning and statistical analysis capabilities, we deliver data-driven predictions that enable our clients to see the most accurate view of the future.

Our models capture and analyse data from across the customer life cycle, enabling our clients to make data-driven decisions based on real-time analytics so that they can respond to changes in market and customer behaviour at pace and with efficiency. In short, we help you make precise predictions, profitably.

Examples of the sorts of decisions we can help you with:

Credit scoring

Using our Precise Prediction scorecards, with machine learning techniques applied to real-time data, recalibration of our custom-made algorithms has been proven quickly to result in a 10-15% improvement in portfolio performance. Longer-term, as the system learns and iterates, 30% improvements are typical.

Collection scoring

Not all lending decisions result in a perfect repayment record, but the strategies and methods used in collections can help predict the best times and methods to use for different customer types, leading to marked improvements in collection activity effectiveness.

Supply chain requirements

Stockpiling materials for production or sale is inefficient and harms cash flow. Previous just in time models helped with the latter but could result in lost productivity and sales if not planned properly. Our data analytics capabilities can help you understand exactly what’s needed and by when, with contingency planning capabilities included. This can also be a useful tool for customer expectation setting if you are operating further down the supply chain.

Customer management

Whether assessing prospective customers or anticipating churn, knowing how to manage different customers, through what methods and at what times is crucial. Not only can expert management help to minimise or reduce direct customer acquisition and retention costs, but it can also streamline processes and help avoid missed opportunities from over-commitment of resources to the wrong projects.


Many organisations today use analytics to some degree. Whether for attribution, customer profiling or management information. In our experience, in the best case scenario, the data is accessible and provides a limited picture of what’s going on. Although even this insight can be misleading. In the worst case, the data that decisions are being based on is wrong, significantly out of date, or the systems in place can’t handle the number of different variables and the correlations between them.

We can put paid to all of these concerns by using machine learning methods that can process unlimited variables and correlations in real-time, to provide precise and reliable analysis.

Our analytics services provide clients with a deep and accurate understanding of their business, helping them to keep on top of key business metrics to identify shortcoming and problems to address, opportunities to exploit, and processes to optimise.

Examples of our analytics services and how they can help your business:

Calculate risk

Understand the potential outcomes based on in-depth statistical analysis, scenario planning and modelling

Detect fraud

Identify and manage potential risks and understand the potential outcomes of your business’s approach to risk

Predicting churn

Understand which customers are prone to churn, and the impact this can have on your margins.

Sales forecasting

Determine buyer propensity to develop efficient acquisition and retention strategies.

Process optimisation

Define clear controls for complex processes and achieve productivity gains.

Preventative and predictive maintenance

Identify the potential causes of unnecessary costs or efficiency lags before they become problems.


Processes should never be about red-tape but should be about creating a framework within which risks are managed, and people can operate effectively and innovatively.

From wide-ranging process improvements to granular, tactical procedural enhancements, we can help you find and realise the most marginal of gains.

Our advanced machine learning algorithms learn from the results of all your tests, helping to develop evolving models that provide the insights your teams need to perform better, more quickly.

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