TIBCO Software Inc., headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a world leader in the design and development of software that connects and augments disparate data sources to produce meaningful insights that businesses can apply to their daily operation.

Precise Prediction is a member of the TIBCO Partner Program, meaning that we are licenced to use its suite of products, combined with our cutting-edge tools, on behalf of our clients.

We specialise in the entire TIBCO Data Science platform and make use of this advanced analytical toolset to provide our clients with a deeper understanding of their business, identify trends, facilitate decision-making, and pre-empt customer activity that could impact margin.

In terms of credibility, TIBCO is used by:

  • 70% of the world’s telecoms organisations
  • 90% of the Fortune 500 Banks
  • 90% of the Fortune 500 Airlines

Data collection

Using TIBCO Data Virtualisation, Precise Prediction can integrate your data in the quickest, most efficient and secure manner.

TIBCO Data Virtualisation is a virtual data warehouse that is user-friendly and interoperates with clients’ existing IT infrastructure and data sources.

Of particular benefit for clients operating in regulated industries are the highly customisable security-levels assigned to individual users as well as user groups. This feature, along with always-on usage monitoring, provides a valuable audit trail.

Data analysis

With your data stored and accessible, the task of analysis and interpretation falls to TIBCO’s Statistica software.

This market-leading advanced data analytics and machine learning tool receives consistently positive feedback from our clients.

Statistica is user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective, providing data insights that quickly optimise business critical decision making. It also works seamlessly with open source programming languages like R and Python.

Data visualisation

With Spotfire, TIBCO has, through its suite of software, developed an end-to-end approach to data augmentation. Working flawlessly with Statistica, Spotfire provides an intelligent way to visualise your data, including everything from snapshots to provide a high-level health check of key business metrics, to visual interpretations of deep-dive data analysis to support critical decision-making.

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