About Precise Prediction UK

Precise Prediction UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Precise Prediction AS.

We have had a presence in the UK since mid-2017, where we initially specialised in the credit scoring market, helping clients to improve their profitability and minimise their losses through the application of our best-in-class scoring and modelling capabilities.

Our team has vast experience of data science and has been at the forefront of machine learning developments since before it became fashionable.

What unites us all is an unfaltering passion for data and helping our clients maximise the effectiveness of theirs to drive profitable new and repeat business while delivering the insights needed to mitigate against losses.

We are committed to a partnership approach, with our clients’ success linked to ours. We believe in working to deliver rapid results that lead to replicable improvements in the long term.

About Precise Prediction AS

Precise Prediction AS started life as Statsoft Norway in 2006. Since its inception, Precise Prediction has been designing and implementing successful business decision-making services throughout the Nordics, where it has established itself as a preferred partner for many of the region’s leading businesses.

Now a well-established business, Precise Prediction remains privately funded.

Work with us

If you are passionate about data and its real-world applications, then a career with Precise Prediction provides you with countless opportunities to use your skills to make tangible differences to our clients’ businesses.

The only thing we care about as much as data is people. Without people, the technology we use and develop is merely academic. Taking our powerful machine learning and predictive modelling capabilities into scenarios where we can solve problems for clients depends on smart, professional people who can think creatively about a problem.

If that sounds like you, then you sound like someone we want to work with.

To apply, please email your CV and a short cover note to info@preciseprediction.co.uk.

We often receive a high volume of applicants for our roles, but we do acknowledge every application. If you haven’t heard from us within five business days, please contact us again.