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Data provides limitless opportunities. It drives product development, increases efficiency, revolutionises customer acquisition and retention strategies, and can help build hard-to-replicate competitive advantage.

All businesses have access to data. However, having data and using data are two very different things. Making data work harder can be the difference between exceeding customer expectations and merely meeting them.

One of the most significant problems facing businesses of all sizes is how to analyse and interpret data in ways that are scalable, cost and time efficient, and that teams across the organisation can implement.

Untapped data is like having a giant vat full of ready-made, business-transforming decisions but no way of accessing them.

Unlocking this potential is what Precise Prediction specialise in. And we do it fast.

The Precise Prediction way

We know that every brief is different, so we have developed a modular approach to working.

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About TIBCO®

We assist you to achieve growth by carefully planning
a dynamic business strategy plan.

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We can help you manage your data

What we do

We know all too well that data is only of use to your business if you can apply the insights that it provides to your daily operations, so we support your goals through end-to-end data capture and cataloguing, interpretation and analysis.

Through the application of advanced data virtualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, and user-focused data visualisation, we can help you manage and interpret your data and continuously enrich it to ensure it becomes and remains one of the most significant assets at your disposal

Data Virtualization
Machine learning
Predictive analytics
Data visualisation

How we do it

We work as a trusted partner, an extension of your in-house team rather than an arms-length agency. By fully understanding your needs we develop shared objectives to ensure everything we do is designed and delivered with your desired outcomes in mind.

The integration of our services can be as light-touch or involved as necessary, based on your needs. We can deliver cloud-based services, with minimal impact on your IT infrastructure, or we can deploy our applications into your environment with consultants onsite to manage the delivery and running of our data services.

Throughout any project, we focus relentlessly on harnessing the latent power of data for our clients, and we commit our knowledge, expertise and experience to everything we do so we can focus on delivering a positive return on investment to you in the shortest possible time.

Digital Transformation

Who we do it for

The need for robust and useful data is no longer the preserve of large corporations or organisations with complex, distributed networks. With more businesses undergoing digital transformation to keep pace with nimbler digital-first start-ups and ever-changing customer demand, the availability and reliability of data has never been more significant.

We have experience across many sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, government, industrial/manufacturing, telecommunications, and oil and gas.

Financial services
Oil & Gas
Case Studies

Elkjøp, better known as Elgiganten outside Norway, is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries, with 400 stores in six countries.

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The Debt Collection Agency

The Debt Collection agency has automated analytics and developed mission-critical processes through using TIBCo Statistica

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